Some photos from Washington D.C

Cecilie Larsen

Running on little sleep, fighting jet lag (well, who am I kidding, it’s really not worth the fight, you’re gonna loose either way) and all those other “benefits” that comes with traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. Here are a few photos from my trip to Washington D.C this memorial weekend. I will write a post later about some of the impressions, and I’ll make the Facebook photo album public. Here are a few goodies from my trip! I had an awesome time, and I can’t wait to go back sometime soon!

First plane of my trip – Dash 8-Q400series registration LN-WDI (I know, I’m such a geek)

The White House (as seen from the Ellipse/South)

The White House, as seen from Pennsylvania Avenue

The Washington Monument

Hmm… I think I know her!

The US Capitol

So it was brought to my attention that someone I personally know have flown this…

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I'm 23. Im big and vocal when it comes to airplanes and the military. (I know my stuff and probably could be considered an expert), Im a Civil Air Patrol 2nd Lt. Technically I'm a veteran by federal standards but there's no point in pursuing federal benefits. (served in the Air National Guard) Trying to change that though by getting back in the military.
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