Why Tweed Airport (HVN) hasbt been expanded

Take a good look at the enclosed photo so you can form an opinion later on.

First off let’s start with a little bit of history. Tweed Airport has always had airline service in one form or another (mainline, or regional commuter service. Back in the early 90s, Air Wisconsin and then United offered nonstop jet service to ORD (Chicago O Hare International Airport). Business Jet (Continental Connection) had service to EWR. And there was even ASA or Comair service by Delta. Allegheny and Piedmont offered service to DCA and PHL respectively.

Up until 1996, my family was able to use the United to ORD 737 service when we went to see my grandmother. After that we always had to dick around with Bradley International Airport. Post 1996 saw all the jet and regional service drop out of HVN except Allegheny and Piedmont. Then after 9/11/01, Allegheny dropped their DCA service, so the only airline serving HVN goes to PHL.

Anyways, now that the history is out of the way, here’s the real reason for my blog today. Since 1996, I’ve self educated myself on why HVNs runway 2/20 has never been expanded. The town of East Haven has been crying no for at least 30 years or so. They claim that “jet service will create too much noise”. Well pardon me but there’s a lot of people, myself included, who hear airplane noises as early as 0600.

Why do these obnoxious fucktards complain about jet aircraft noises? You chose to live near a fucking airport. If you don’t like it, then move away.

The city of New Haven for years has been in favor of expanding the 5600×150 ft runway to 6200 feet. Here’s where that picture comes into play. There appears to be more than enough room to get to 6200ft. We could expand the runway both north and south.

In the last few years, the powers in charge of East Haven have made runway expansion difficult. They’ve mandated at least 5 East Haveners on the Airport Authority board. The town has tried to at games in my head in the following regard but I don’t buy it: Dodge Avenue is just short of runway 20. It has been rerouted recently to allow for a runway safety zone expansion. That gives extra room for takeoff and not landing. During the construction, I’d periodically listen to the weather on site (ATIS on 133.650 MHz). The controllers had to insert a NOTAM saying “landing distance available 5102 feet.

And there’s two politicians who are on my shit list for their airport expansion actions. Len Fasano (R) State Senator for East Haven, Wallingford and North Haven. Mike Lawlor (D) State Representative for East Haven.

Last year Len Fasano sported a smiley face in a pose in regards to an airport noise agreement. He was part of a delegation that restricted airport movements to 30 takeoffs and landings per day and 180000 per year. I think that only applies to jets but he’s a fucktard for doing so.

Mike Lawlor opposes runway expansion with a do nothig attitude. Also, not quite on my shitlist, rather a dissapointed one is East Haven Mayor April Capone Almon. She’s doing a good job but lied to me about the airport expansion. That was why I voted her in.

The cost of a ticket out of HVN is really high, partly due to it’s one and only airline serving it. If we can get more airlines in here, the ticket price would go down. a few years ago we had Piedmont, Clipper Connection and Comair serving HVN. But never all three at the same time. When Clipper Connection and Comair came in, Mayor DeStefano from New Haven opened them with welcoming arms. Sadly they have pulled out. Clipper Connection was the weirder of the two pullout. They left without much notice. Comair had 4 or 5 daily flights to CVG. Clipper Connection served BWI, BED, ALB and Portsmouth NH.

With the proposed runway expansion to 6200 feet, HVN could get mainline 737 service again to places as far away as MSP or ATL. In the last few years I have kinda tried takingthings into my own hands writing various airlines asking them of their intent to serve HVN. It’s failed. Rather JetBlue will be flying into BDL in November. Also Citrus (AirTran) is weighing the possibility of serving BDL. Gee well that doesn’t help us out at HVN very well.

Before I get to my final thoughts, I’d like to touch upon a noise abatement procedure that HVN has had since the 80s. No turn after takeoff is permitted until you either cross the shoreline or 700 feet. Sounds of 80db or greater are prohibited, and there’s other rules for other fb levels throughout the day. Happy though, these regulations are null and void for any emergency activity, or when the Civil Air Patrol is on an official search mission.

So what do I think of all this crap? Sadly I’ll have to probably become mayor in the future and take matters into my own hands. The East Haven/New Haven border is split down the centerline of runway 2/20. I would force nearby residents to either: soundproof their homes or move out. If that doesn’t work, I’d be happy to sell off land in East Haven to the city of New Haven. The border would be changed and New Haven could do whatever they need to at will without bitchy moaning East Haveners to deal with. Yup. All the people near the centerline of runway 2/20 would then become taxpayers of New Haven.

Tada the runway wod be expanded and airfare would drop out of HVN.


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I'm 23. Im big and vocal when it comes to airplanes and the military. (I know my stuff and probably could be considered an expert), Im a Civil Air Patrol 2nd Lt. Technically I'm a veteran by federal standards but there's no point in pursuing federal benefits. (served in the Air National Guard) Trying to change that though by getting back in the military.
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