Combimed thoughts: internet usage and girls

So I saw another blog post and it inspired me to put some more thoughts down for the web to see. (yeah sadly I don’t have the writing ability to post spontaneously yet)

First subject: Internet usage
Back in May my mother and I finally figured out why my iPod touch never worked at the house. We had an outdated router that was two years old. Everything but my iPod would work here. Until then I never really used Twitter religiously. Now I admitthat my Twitter and facebook usage hasshot through the roof. It’s definetely easier to use such social networks on an iPod touch rather than a cellphone. And my cellphone is the old school type.

I’ve been monitoring my tweet count. It’s shot way up since we fixed the router. The ability to tweet from home almost at will spurred my interest in geotagging my tweets. The geotagging spurred my recent uptick in foursquare checkins as well. Hehe maybe it’s just the geekyness in me coming out.

Before I get to the girls part, my personality code from my senior year of high school was ISTJ, so I wonder if that makes sense of my actions for some curious folks.

Ok so here’s the part about my rations with girls.

I recently just broke up with my ex last month and I knew her for two years. We met in a legit way but most of my relations with her were via text, facebook or phone call. (she lived 800 miles away in Columbus, IN.)

On some sporadic inconsistent way, I’ve tried to get someone to hang out with me. But I’ve kinda ticked off two girls in the past week. Is this my shyness factor taking over or am I doing something wrong? I guess this is where the Internet also ties into this section as well. I’m pretty easy at making nice comments on girls’ facebook walls. Hehe and I tend to be the initiator of poking sprees too. But when I actually try telling someone they want to hang, they kinda ignore me.

Should my Twitter friend from NW CT be readig this, you are not in that category. Once again I’d like to thank her for listening to my growing concerns about ny ex which started around Flag Day.

And a closing question for thought: is it normal for a single guy to think every other girl is good looking in the world?


About planeliker

I'm 23. Im big and vocal when it comes to airplanes and the military. (I know my stuff and probably could be considered an expert), Im a Civil Air Patrol 2nd Lt. Technically I'm a veteran by federal standards but there's no point in pursuing federal benefits. (served in the Air National Guard) Trying to change that though by getting back in the military.
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