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So I was reading a blog post concerning Foursquare and it was talking about the security of Foursquare in terms of personal security. Also said blogger mentioned foursquare is used by folks with disposable income. Well I am here to refute both those claims.

First let’s tackle the security aspect of foursquare. There’s no rule saying you need to input text at every check in. I certainly do not. Do you really think burglars are using foursquare, facebook and Twitter to check to see if people are home? I don’t think so. Case being the crazy fuckers who invaded a Cheshire, CT home in 2007. They parked their asses in a Stop and Shop and waited for a blonde who appeared to have a shitload of cash. Sadly they succeeded. In the end a wife and two kids were raped and burned alive.

Now here’s the part of disposable incomes. I know both myself and my family are on a tight budget. And I’m
Also vouching for someone from Twitter I know. But she will remain nameless here. I check in to foursquare places mostly if I’m buying something but mainly too for wifi usage. Alls someone needs to do right Now is check my foursquare history. I checked into a McDonalds yesterday and didn’t buy anything. My stepfather and I did spend a small chunk of time there to refill waterbottles and use my iPod touch to check up on traffic, and an inbound JFK flight.

Sure I wouldve loved to check in to all the places weve been to going to and from JFK and LGA. I’m not one of the lucky folks who has a blackberry or iPhone, so I have to latch onto free wifi connections.

So yeah if @mayaREguru sees this blog, I’d like to say be careful what you put on blogs, because it might tick
Someone off.

@planeliker Twitter user.


About planeliker

I'm 23. Im big and vocal when it comes to airplanes and the military. (I know my stuff and probably could be considered an expert), Im a Civil Air Patrol 2nd Lt. Technically I'm a veteran by federal standards but there's no point in pursuing federal benefits. (served in the Air National Guard) Trying to change that though by getting back in the military.
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One Response to Blog response to @mayaREguru

  1. Maya Paveza says:

    Hi John,
    Well my goodness, I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone, especially not you. Maybe I was not clear, I think perhaps this point was not well conveyed by me?

    “Well it isn’t quite the whole population, but it sure is a power demographic who is using it isn’t it? Typically young, urban, hip professionals, typically in the high tech industry, and with ample disposable income. “

    Notice I said typically, I think that is the typical user for Foursquare, and I am right there with you, I am certainly a budgeter myself.

    I would really like to know what specifically upset you in my post, as that is never the intent, feel free to email me maya at mayapaveza dot com.

    Sad story of the family in CT, and of course awful things happen everywhere. I think we all need to be cautious everyday and aware of our surroundings.
    Thanks for your reply.

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