Arlington National Cemetery is calling my name


First off, these two videos are publicly available to all on facebook since I do not believe in privacy settings. The first one is the Taps Ceremony from my grandfathers service in November 2009. The 2nd Video is of the Honor Guard folding the flag over my grandfathers urn. The honor guard presented the flag to my mother at the end of the 2nd video.

Ever since the conclusion of the service at Arlington for my grandfather, I have promised myself and everyone around me that I will return to Arlington National Cemetery. Never did I think it would be this soon. I feel as if this is the last step in my healing process of dealing with the loss of my grandfather three years ago. The whole shock of him being gone is over. Seeing an actual grave will be peaceful I think. I will have the financial resources available for a trip of this nature. These resources were not obtained illegally, however I wish not to speak about how that came about.

Anyways I digress…

The day I visit Arlington, I will be wearing my Civil Air Patrol short sleeve dress uniform. This way, should I hear taps about the cemetery, I will be able to render a real salute. I do intend on viewing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the grave of President John F. Kennedy. I am coming up with a plan to take pictures during this trip. I will have navigation covered by taking a GPS.

One of my Civil Air Patrol contacts in the DC area has expressed interest in knowing when I make this trip to Arlington. Whether she wants to meet up somewhere or take me sightseeing, that I do not know. But when I do finalize the dates of my travel, I will be letting everyone know on twitter and facebook. The only thing that is set in stone right now is my departure time from Connecticut, and my travel day in return (as in generic Day of the week) Should any of my #avgeek tweeps or any other fellow tweeps of mine wish to meet up during this experience, feel free to @ reply me or DM me on twitter under @planeliker

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VLOG Update on my progress of rejoining the Air Force for 10JUL2012.

Video shout to @BrandiLAX on twitter as well

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Two Steps Backward, One Step Forward

Unfortunately, the title is the easy way to explain my situation with getting back into the USAF on Active Duty. I had to go see a recruiter today, not in New Haven, CT, but instead Bridgeport, CT. When the New Haven, CT office went vacant, all of my records disappeared with it. So here we are back to almost square one again. I went to my colon and rectal specialist’s office in Fairfield, CT today to go pick up my Medical Records. PROBLEM: Their printer was down for the count. So i was a little upset but soldiered on out of there. It turns out my new recruiter never got my faxed over re enlistment code. I brought that with me today and stopped by his office to give it to him. I was given an application packet for Active Duty, something my old recruiter in New Haven, CT never gave me. I have until next Friday to fill that out (06JUL). But the Medical Records need to get back to my recruiter NLT 1100 local tomorrow morning (Tomorrow being 28JUN).

I also need to photocopy all of my ID Documents again and send those in ASAP. (High School Diploma, Birth Certificate, Drivers License, Social Security card…..)

I asked my recruiter how much about my service in Civil Air Patrol the Air Force wants to know. He said only if I made my Mitchell award as a Cadet. I said no, I never made it that far, but I have other awards as a 2nd Lt. Senior Member.

I took my ASVAB back in December 2011 and scored in the 70th percentile which is a good score. My ASVAB is good until December 2014. HOPEFULLY by then, I can be back in BMT. I still have no timetable for a BMT slot yet. But thats the least of my worries right now. My recruiter is swamped with his work. He is covering my former recruiter in New Haven, CT, the recruiter from Middletown, CT is on Maternity leave, and he is also covering Ansonia, CT as well. So thats the stack I am up against. Luckily he said there are two other people he is dealing with that are in a situation I am in. 

I still keep plugging on with this process. I will never give up, for the last few words in the Airman’s Creed are, “I will never leave an airman behind, I will never falter, AND I WILL NOT FAIL!” Attitude is everything. Im sure UPELEVATOR1 on twitter shares my attitude thought. Just check out the mugs on his website and go order one if you like. #avgeekmoment.

That’s all for today.

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Video Blog Update 21JUN2012

update in my life regarding joining the US Air Force

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Flag Day Ceremony- Elks Lodge and Civil Air Patrol

Hello everyone. Hope all is well. Ever since joining Civil Air Patrol as a Cadet in October 2002, every June I get this sense of patriotism for Flag Day. One of our Senior members doubles as a member of Elks Lodge 0025 in New Haven, CT. He always asks our unit to help with the lodge in assisting with their presentation of various flags throughout the history of their existence in the United States. There are Seven flags total which have a brief description that is read by the (I think its called Head Elk). This country started with a green snake flag with a white background. We then moved to the flag you might see a bunch of US Marines promoting all the time. Its the “Don’t tread on me” flag. (In my world, that flag has no political meaning for the so called tea party in this country…. thats another post … (not for my blog)

Another flag this country had when we were a baby nation, involved the British logo in what is now the the stars portion of the current flag. We then graduated to the Betsy Ross Flag with the circle of stars. The next one they display is a flag of 15 stars, 48 and then 50. Please pardon my lack of description for all of these flags as I have not had a whole lot of sleep today and I was not intending to take notes.

The ceremony performed in New Haven Elks Lodge 0025 is apparently carried out the Sunday before Flag day in all Elks lodge locations across the country. From what I’ve learned after going to this ceremony for the past 9 years was that Flag Day was not an official holiday until 1907. The controversial words in the Pledge of Allegiance “Under God” were not added until 1954.

For those in the United States who may want to consider joining a local chapter of the Elks Lodge, it is open to natural born citizens only and is truly American. I personally have no desire to do as such but it is nice to know they invite my CAP Squadron back every year. The last three years, I have used the time to almost “bond” with my fellow senior members who tag along. We get to enjoy a nice hearty breakfast, and then the ceremony begins.

I do not have any pictures from this years event, but I do have a photo of our group that was taken last year. (Im not sure how this is going to work on the desktop, so here goes.)Image

Left to right in this photo: Maj. John Daley, (former) cadet Michael Ill, Maj. Ed Carr (the Elks lodge member as well), myself (2nd Lt), 1st Lt. Laura Moore, 2nd Lt Chester Galemba and Cadet Dobosz.


Due to a conflict in my work schedule, I am not able to attend meetings right now at my CAP Squadron on Monday evenings, unless work schedules me off. I work the overnight shift in Wallingford, CT and it starts at 8pm. my CAP Squadron meets Monday evenings from 7pm to 9pm Eastern Time. (thats New York time for my international blog followers) {GMT-4 in the summer}. In a previous blog entry, i had touched upon my volunteer efforts outside of Civil Air Patrol following Tropical Storm Irene. Well I decided to use today’s Elks Lodge ceremony to be presented formally with that ribbon.

Here is a picture I took of my CAP Blues hanging up earlier on my wall (Fireman’s display). The weird lighting makes it look like I have silver insignia, but I am really a 2nd Lt. still.Image

The volunteer service ribbon is the one that is bottom center. Each bronze triangle clasp denotes at least a minimum of 60 additional hours beyond the original 60 that are required for the ribbon. I volunteered for 200 Hours total, so there you go.


And this final picture in here is from the request of @UPELEVATOR1 on twitter. I won this mug in a drawing that was held by @KarlenePetitt on her blog from a few weeks ago. The gentleman behind @UPELEVATOR1 always asks this mug to travel different places related to aviation, and for a picture to follow. This photo below, is that mug at my Communications desk at my CAP Squadron. A start for now.Image

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Some photos from Washington D.C

Cecilie Larsen

Running on little sleep, fighting jet lag (well, who am I kidding, it’s really not worth the fight, you’re gonna loose either way) and all those other “benefits” that comes with traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. Here are a few photos from my trip to Washington D.C this memorial weekend. I will write a post later about some of the impressions, and I’ll make the Facebook photo album public. Here are a few goodies from my trip! I had an awesome time, and I can’t wait to go back sometime soon!

First plane of my trip – Dash 8-Q400series registration LN-WDI (I know, I’m such a geek)

The White House (as seen from the Ellipse/South)

The White House, as seen from Pennsylvania Avenue

The Washington Monument

Hmm… I think I know her!

The US Capitol

So it was brought to my attention that someone I personally know have flown this…

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Looney Tunes anyone?

Just a short blog post today. I first came across this approach thanks to the Safety Officer at my Civil Air Patrol Squadron back in 2011. At first I didn’t understand what he was inferring from this approach plate, but once I picked up on it, I started laughing my kiester off. The folks over at Stuck Mic AvCast mentioned this in their recent episode 25. Does anyone catch the Looney Tunes reference to the waypoints used?

NOTAMS: My CAP Squadron does not have a facebook or any other form of a social media website yet. That will be discussed at a date TBD. Our CAP Safety Officer is Captain Mark Lutian. He is a PPL and has his instrument rating. He works at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, CT. He is also a member of the Coast Guard Auxillary Flotilla out of Branford, CT (I think)

Mentioned in this post:

Stuck Mic  and on twiiter: @StuckMicAvCast

Coast Guard Auxillary and on twitter @USCGAux

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